Serum Australis Testimonies

We surveyed our customers in 2013. Here are a few of the answers that we received to key questions. Most of the suggestions have now been adopted into our business.

What is the best thing about our products and service?

Horse Hill Climb* Very efficient order and delivery cycle and always happy to help with additional late requirements.

* Reliable good quality product. Good relationship with Manager. Prompt replies to questions and feedback.

* Commitment to good quality and reliability.

* Animal friendly supply.

* Gavin's sense of humour. Your promptness in delivering this service and products.

* Gavin is always helpful and accommodating as well as knowledgeable about his products. As long as you continue to operate as Serum Australis I will purchase your products.

* You try to modify your ways to match what we need.

* QA of products excellent. Direct communication supported by product knowledge and professionalism. Meets scientific standards.

* Quick replies to emails and quick delivery of products.

* Quick response to queries and trying to accommodate requirements.

* Quality of product.

* Delivery is quick and the blood is guaranteed fresh.

* Knowledgeable and helpful staff. Excellent products and easy account handling.

* Also wanted to say both of them (horse and sheep blood) were much better than anything we've used before so we will definitely be back.


How were they better?

* Well the cells were in much better condition - majority of RBCs nice and rounded, and plenty of different WBCs throughout the sample. The colour was nice and bright rather than a dull/darker red. Less settling of the cells, and less debris present in the smear.

* Very noticeable difference believe me!


What could we do to make our products and service more desirable to you?

* Increase shelf life.

* Nothing at the moment.

* Fulfils requirements now.

* Happy with the service already receiving.

* Nothing- perfect the way it is.

* Already best, nothing more.

* Perhaps include other species such as rabbit.

* I have been happy with products and service.

* It suits me perfectly as it is.

* Smaller volumes would be great for us as we rarely use the 100mls - 50mls would reduce wastage. (We now have a 50mL option)


Further questions and comments?

* Very impressed with the Serum Australis business and the management systems they have in place.

* Pleased with personal interactions, good to be able to support a local producer.

* What are the best cold packs for shipping blood? The gel packs sometimes arrive and have leaked out into the shipping container. I'm glad the product is in a sealed bag so that gel doesn't touch it. (We now seal them)

* No. You provide an excellent service already. Maybe update the web site to order supplies more efficiently online. (You can order online on our new website)

* Happy to continue doing business with Serum Australis.

* I've noticed a few scientific supplier companies recently bought out by larger companies. In every case, this has resulted in bad customer service, and low attention to detail with incorrect goods sent out etc. I've never had anything but excellent service and products from Serum Australis, and I will continue to support the family owned and operated business. Thank you.

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