Sheep Blood Products

Our Vision - Serum Australis

What if the products you used in your laboratory could accomplish more than what they do in your lab? What if their lifecycle had a whole list of benefits to the natural world, the donor animals, rural communities, disadvantaged children overseas, as well as giving you great performance and the highest quality at the bench? What if the people who sent that product to you loved their work and were proud of the consistent standard they were maintaining each week?

When we say 'It's in our blood', we mean all these things and more.

When you purchase our blood you are taking part in a family farm mission to regenerate tired farming soil and the habitat around it. You are taking part in the retirement of hundreds of horses whose racing career is over and aiding in the quest to care for them with natural methods. You are helping employ rural men and women and supporting rural school and sporting groups. And some of your money is helping children overseas to a quality of life that was previously beyond their reach.

That's a totally fresh look at that clever bottle of blood on your bench, isn't it! We have many happy customers who continue to buy our blood year after year just for its consistent quality and performance.

Our blood products are waiting to unleash their benefits upon the world. With your help they can. Welcome to our site. We hope you find what you are looking for and that we can be of service to you too.

Gavin Heywood – Managing Director

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