Serum Australis is an Australian family-owned company. We lead the Australian market in producing and supplying horse and sheep blood products to university research and teaching laboratories. We are also the supplier of choice for defibrinated blood to Australian blood agar plate manufacturers.

We have:

* Blood with consistently long shelf-life, sterility and low haemolysis.

* Blood that is traceable back to each animal.

* Blood that grows great microbiology on plates, but is also bought for multiple uses, including forensic blood spatter lessons and has even been used for painting!

* Serum that is used for cell growth, diagnostic assay kits and immunohistochemistry.

* Antibody producing capabilities. Give us a call to see how we can help you.

All of our products are produced in happy, low stressed animals who we strive to keep chemical free. They are produced on land that is constantly increasing in biodiversity from the soil to the trees and that is being managed under an Environmental Management System.

Everything we do is aimed ultimately at reducing our carbon footprint and increasing the health of our soil, animals and blood.

From service to performance, quality is in our blood.

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